Yellow Blood splatter


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Model: “Yellow Blood splatter” (comes with white laces)

  • Handmade
  • Pair of original Nike Air Force 1
  • ANY sizes available
  • Excellent Quality (water/scratch proof)
  • Affordable Price

Processing time: 1-2 weeks

It`s a maximum (could be quicker, depends how busy we are with other projects)

If You would like to have the same design, but on a different type of Air Forces (Low/Med/High) – just contact us – don`t be shy 🙂

If You would like to have a completely different design – let us know as well 😉

All trainers are water, crack and scratch resistant. However, we do not suggest abnormal wear of your customized shoes. These are handmade/artistic sneakers and should not be worn to participate in sports (jogging,basketball etc.) If You will use them everyday as a casual shoes, and treat them well, they will last forever.

When dirty, DO NOT MACHINE WASH. If you wish to clean your shoes, gently wipe with a soft cloth, cold water and a little bit of soap/washing liquid.